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After only fourteen attempts on our very first night working this boss, we are now 6/10 Mythic Night Hold.  Kudos all around!

Thanks Sidoniea for the title idea.

Shiffer guess all it took was me being gone
Too Much Boom Progression kills make me happy... News title recycling makes me sad...
Fuufighter Well done team!! Looks like im missing all the fun!!

There are a lot of mechanics to coordinate in this encounter and everyone worked hard to bring it together and get us 5/10 M Nighthold.  Thanks to Karnl for turning his bear radioactive green so that we could see him.  Thanks to everyone who stayed up just a tad bit late for that one last pull.  And thanks to those who were part of progression learning, but didn't make the kill itself.  This was an all around team effort.

Thanks Sidoniea for the title idea.

Teagon Sid, we one-shot her in overtime! ;-p

Mythic O U Dydn't

Teagon posted Apr 25, 17

The night was plagued with lag and game bugs (GG Blizzard).  After our mythic NH farm clear, we didn't have enough time or game stability for further NH progression.  So we decided to try something new.  A few pulls later we had a new first kill...well...not kill exactly.  Mythic Odyn gave us loot!

Thanks Octevia for the title idea!

Don't Mythic Kros-US!

Teagon posted Apr 11, 17

Krosus crossed the wrong guild and croaked.  Grats on 4/10 M NH!

Thanks Sidoniea for the title idea.

Today our guild turns six years old!  We've come so far over the years.  Thanks to everyone that made this guild possible.  Thanks to our current members and those that have moved on to new adventures.  <Stardust> has been such an amazing experience for so many people and I am looking forward to creating new memorable moments with our wonderful guild. 

Remember when... ______________________

(fill in the blank with a memorable Stardust moment by posting a comment below.)

Fuufighter At the end of SoO, after the debacle of the random raid reset, and having to reclear, i think we 1 shot Heroic (now Myth...
Teagon Secret Santa events! Noisie started the tradition back in July 2014. We had a lot of fun swapping gifts, telling jokes...
Jforcè I remember all the glorious stardust after dark chats in discord.
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